House Nordic is a Danish wholesale enterprise with great passion for furnitures and interior products.

It was established and founded by Henrik Jørgensen in 2017.
With dedicated entrepreneurship and high team spirit the company has quickly experienced a rapid growth with great success.

House Nordic is now present on more than 27 different markets mainly in Scandinavia and Europe. The capacity and willingness to constantly develop and challenge ourselves is essential to us and a great part of our success.

Based on more than 20 years of experience House Nordic offers a wide selection of furnitures and interior products carefully selected from the best suppliers across the world. We continously ensure that the quality is never compromised. We’re designed to create value.

“We are very focused on the needs of our customers.
Customer adaption is a core value to us and just as important as simple sound business practice”

Henrik Jørgensen
CEO House Nordic