Accessories across rooms

It's all about the details.

Outdoor baskets

Explore our exciting collection of baskets for perfect for planting flowers or for storage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well.

Outdoor planters

Beautiful planters in fiberclay brighten up any corner on the terrace.


Large collection of lanterns - perfect for creating a cozy outdoor space.

Barcelona benches

A beautiful bench in teak creates cozyness. Discover our collection of outdoor benches here.


A mirror on the wall brings a speciel effect to the room. Use it as a decoration object. See our collection here.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants brighten up dark spaces. Explore our collection of beautiful, natur-looking plants.

Teak trays and bowls

These amazing teak bowls are unique. No 2 are ever alike. The rustic look creates an amazing contrast to the Scandinavian minimalistic living style.

Vases in glass and ceramics

Just for decoration or for beautiful flowers. We have a wide collection of vases and flower pots which can be used across all rooms.

Havana rugs

Amazing rugs placed under the dining room complete the look. Available in 3 different colors and several sizes.


A beautiful, simple Paris pendant or a statement lamp like the Albi lamp for the dining table. See our selection of lamps here.

Candle holders

 Amazing candle holders in ceramics with beautiful colored glaze. See our selection of candle holders here.

Ryon teak decoration balls

Fantastic teak decoration balls for decorating the dining table or the favorite spot.


Blankets bring a wam and cozy ambience to any room. See our collection of blankets in soft materials.


Cozyness is all about the details. Tiny jars for storage, teak trays for decoration or beautiful candle holders.


Explore our collection of cushions in soft materials with different structures. Large collection in trendy colors.

Poufs, benches and stools

Poufs, benches and stools are must haves. Functional and decorative elements in any room.