Explore our collection of products for the bathroom.

Little mirror on the wall

Jersey mirrors

Round, square or rectangular. Warm look with brass or classic black frame. Regardless of color and shape the Jersey mirror is definitely a bestseller.

Madrid mirrors

Discover the Madrid mirror collection with a beautiful, brushed brass finish. 

Granada teak mirror

An exclusive mirror in antique teak which brings an amazing rustic contrast to the Scandinavian living style.

Trapani mirror

Trendy mirror with leather strap. Available in 3 different sizes and can be used for decoration across rooms.

Natural and rustic look for the bathroom

Donau riverstone sink

Create a natural and rustic look in the bathroom with the Donau riverstone sink. Each sink is unique.


The Benidorm bench is not just beautiful outdoors - it is also amazing in the bathroom.

Teak ladder

Create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom with a teak ladder.

Barcelona teak benches

The Barcelona bench brings a warm touch to the bathroom with the beautiful teak wood.

Accessories for a cozy bathroom


Explore our wide collection of decorative elements which can be used in the entire home - including the bathroom.

Augusta baskets

The Augusta baskets made of soft corduroy are perfect for the bathroom. See the selection here. 

Udine basket

Discover our wide collection of baskets - perfect for the laundry or storage.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants are perfect for bringing life and ambience to dark corners in any room including the bathroom. Explore our collection of artificial and nature-looking plants