Dining room and kitchen

Explore our products for the dining room and kitchen.

Dining chairs for the most special room

Harbo dining chairs

One of our favorite dining chairs with soft armrests. The Harbo dining chair is available in lots of trendy colors and materials. Check it out with the swivel function.

Middelfart dining chairs

A dining chair with a simple design in soft delicate materials. You will also find bar chairs within the Middelfart collection.

Pisa dining chairs

One of many exciting new items. The Pisa dining chair is designed in cooperation with Morten Georgsen and is characterized by a great design with focus on soft shapes.

Memphis dining chairs

Great comfort and a design, which matches every home. Available in 4 popular colors.

The cozy round dining table or the long and beautiful 

Copenhagen dining table

The simple and clean design of the Copenhagen dining table makes it very easy to combine with many different types of dining chairs.

Toulon plank table in oak tree

Tolulon plank table with a smoky oil finish creates a warm and inviting look.

Bolzano dining tables

More cozyness with round dining tables - and even more so with a beautiful marble look which you get with the Bolzano dining table.

Hellerup dining table

The beautiful round dining table, which provides a special cozyness.

Decoration objects for the tables - beautiful vases and candle holders

Pendants for above the table

Explore our selection of pendants for a beautiful lighting above the dining table.

Amazing vases

Rustic vases in ceramics or beautiful vases in colored glass. Explore our collection.

Cozy candle holders

Find inspiration in our selection of beautiful candle holders which can stand alone or be combined with other items.

Ryon teak decoration balls

Amazing teak decoration balls - perfect for creating a great contrast to ceramics and glass.