Entry hall 

Everything you need for creating a modern and welcoming entry hall with a nordic look

A minimalistic welcome with Vita collection

Vita hat rack

A hat rack with a simple and functional design. Matches every entry hall.

Vita bench

The practical Vita bench with great seating comfort and excellent storage space.

Vita wardrobe

The stylish and modern Vita wardrobe gives you excellent storage space and lifts the look of the entire room.

Vita console table

A small console table in the hallway creates a cozy ambiance. Decorate it easily with vases and candle holders to give a personal touch.

The beautiful and functional

Jersey mirrors

Mirrors can be used for decoration in the entire home and will bring an amazing effect to any room.

Adelaide display cabinets

Use the amazing Adelaide cabinets for decoration in the entry hall to bring exclusivity to the room.

Torino wardrobe

Easy and practical storage with the Torino clothing rack.


Discover our selection of hangers for the wardrobe.

The colorful entry hall

Havana doormats

The colorful Havana doormat looks amazing at the front door or at the terrace door.

Corvo terracotta pots

Create an exclusive look with the beautiful Corvo terracotta pots. A fantastic contrast to the minimalistic style.

Havana hallway runners

The Havana hallway runner is a delight for the eye. Use it in the kitchen as well.

Giza knobs

Bring a colorful touch to your home styling with the Giza knobs. The knobs come in 4 trendy colors. Be inspired here.